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River of Dreams Lani Waller

River of Dreams

Lani Waller

Published April 26th 2012
Kindle Edition
252 pages
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 About the Book 

A wonderful and poignant collection of stories written by one of the most recognized names in steelhead fishing and angling travel. The author has weaved the fishing experiences that have impacted him most into a compilation that is rich in descriptive prose.LANI WALLER HAS BEEN FISHING and traveling for longer than he likes to admit. He has served as an angling and travel consultant for many of those years, and his work has appeared in all the major fly fishing publications. He was inducted into the Fly Fishing Hall of Fame in 1997.“THE BEST OF LANI WALLER, the soul of the man, a personal statement written in the easy style that only Waller has. No frills: a personal journey, the story of a 60’s Generation West Coast free spirit who wandered here and there to find himself and finally did so on the waters where wild fish are making their last stand. In the process he became a true conservationist, a leader in the fight to save some of nature’s most beautiful and fragile creatures.” – John Randolph FROM THE FOREWORD“A wonderfully personal and engaging work, rich with the craft, humor and humility that so characterize the author.”– Ken Morrish“Pages from the book of a fly fisher’s life. Lani’s poetic and ‘real life moments’ are more than just a vicarious read- they are an inspiration.”– Mel Krieger