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Lets DP My Wife: On The Green Hannah Wilde

Lets DP My Wife: On The Green

Hannah Wilde

Kindle Edition
21 pages
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 About the Book 

Vance’s boss is tired of hearing about his new commercial development project, and has finally put his foot down, forbidding Vance from ever bringing it up around the office again. But when the two of them and their loving wives go out for a game of golf, Vance sees the perfect opportunity to take his final shot at pitching the project.What Vance doesn’t count on is his boss’s wife not showing up for the game, nor the chemistry between his boss and his beautiful, horny wife. Soon Vance puts it all on the line, betting the future of the project against a hardcore double penetration with his wife right there on the green.Lucky for Vance’s wife, his swing is a little rusty.This is a filthy short story containing 4,100+ highly explicit words. It contains rough sex, anal, double penetration, MFM threesomes, hotwife, cream pies and cuckolding.