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Time Out!: His Painful Decisions Dana Mobley-Hammett

Time Out!: His Painful Decisions

Dana Mobley-Hammett

Published September 16th 2013
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 About the Book 

Mrs. Mobley-Hammett’s book speaks to the soul of mankind from a man’s point of view. What does marriage mean to you? Do you wonder when Mr.or Mrs. will come along, where you’ll find your lifetime partner, or whetherthere is such a thing as the “perfect marriage?” If we could of seen our mate in the spiritual realm, we would have eliminated a lot of foolishness from our relationships. There is no manual for how to treat our spouse because each person is a unique individual and we are all different and don’t fit into one category of standard approach…so, sometimes it leads to the blind leading the blind and sometimes we both fall in the ditch. You get caught up in the small things and the big things go unmet…we even get caught up in our physical sight and we take for granted the spiritual. And, our men our left to make painful decisions regarding their marriages whether to go or stay.You may be successful, have a committed spouse, wealthy, a loving family and lots of friends. Yet, you still are feeling unsatisfied and lonely. What would you do? Is there anything in this life that truly satisfies? The answeris “Yes” our Heavenly Father. God and He offers an inspirational book called the Holy Bible which tells us how to treat our spouses and how to honor our marriage.