What Is a Foundation Degree?

Description: A foundation degree is a combination vocational and academic qualification, equivalent to half of an Honours degree, launched by the government of United Kingdom in 2021. It is considered as a national diploma for young people entering the labour market. According to the British Council, a foundation degree “aims to develop skills that will help students to identify with working and learning methods that are appropriate for their age and context, while preparing them for career success in a world where opportunities are ever shifting”. This enables young people to engage with issues important to the future success of Britain and its citizens. This degree can be regarded as the core foundation degree for the study of further education administration, as it covers areas like foundations, curriculum, teaching methods, research methodology and administrative skills, foundations and curriculum design. Moreover, the foundation degree also lays the foundation for further study in the areas of human resources management and administration, educational administration, teaching methodology and educational theory and policy aat level 2.


Prerequisites: For foundation degree students, the minimum standard is a Bachelor of Arts (BA) with English as the first language. If the required standard for the student is a Bachelor of Science (BS) then the minimum standard is a Bachelor of Medicine (BM). It is also mandatory for students to have earned a D grade in English literature or their equivalents at the time of enrollment. There are no entrance requirements for candidates who are in the country of citizenship through the UK immigration system.


Courses covered: There are several courses that are covered by foundation degree. Courses are offered at both regular intervals of semesters and summers. During summer session, students are expected to complete their core foundation courses. For candidates who wish to undertake a distance-learning foundation degree course, a foundation degree program at a university is required.


Post-requisites: For students who successfully completed the foundation courses, they are entitled to earn one year of core room courses in the subject area that they chose. They are also entitled to electives in the chosen areas. Electives include courses in business, psychology, communications, psychology, sociology and human services.


Program length: There is usually a one-year option for bachelor’s degrees aat level 3. The two-year option for the master’s degree is also available. In the case of the Ph.D. degree, the program is long but not as extensive. Students take up to four years to complete it. Full-time students may also opt for online programs. Part-time students can also attend evening classes while working and studying part-time.


Admission requirements: Interested candidates apply for foundation programs by submitting their academic records, background reports, and TOEFL and GMAT test scores. Eligibility is determined by having a passing grade in the subjects that were taken up to this point. For those who are interested in internationalization, an International Studies Certificate is required. Students who are admitted will be provided with detailed study instructions, tuition fees, and expected coursework. Enrollment is limited to foundation and master’s degree candidates who have completed their admittance requirements.